Several years ago, during my first season as Construction Coordinator on the television series. BABYLON 5, I decided to put down in writing a few things that I found myself repeating quite often about certain activities and behaviors around the studio. It was basically a list of items geared toward helping the Construction Crew mesh well with the Production Crew, since for the first three seasons we all worked in the same building. (For seasons 4 & 5 we acquired the building next door to use as the mill, construction area and scene dock.) The "book" was little more than a small 12 page pamphlet of "tongue-in-cheek" suggestions of DO's and DON'Ts while working at the facility. Throughout each season, I jotted down additional items that seemed to need repeating and by the beginning of the fourth season the pamphlet had grown into a 60 page handbook given out at the beginning of each season to the Construction Crew and selected personnel from other departments. It is now in its third edition and fills 90 pages with helpful hints, photos and safety tips. Of course, many of these hints and safety tips are BABYLON 5 specific and inside jokes, but many people in the industry - even those who were not involved with the B-5 project - still find the book relevant and amusing. (So I'm told.)

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I may include excerpts from it on the website from time to time. (See SAFETY TIP from the book.)

C. L. Fleetwood
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